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basic_string& assign( size_type count, Document ch );


basic_string& assign(const basic_string& str );

basic_string& assign(const basic_string& str,

                      size_type pos,

                      size_type add up );
(until C++14)
basic_string& assign(const basic_string& str,

                      size_type pos,

                      size_type be counted = npos);
(since C++14)

basic_string& assign( basic_string&& str );

(since C++11)
(until C++17)

basic_string& assign( basic_string&& str )noexcept(/* see less than */);

(since C++17)

basic_string& assign(const CharT* s,
                      size_type count );


basic_string& assign(const CharT* ohydrates );


template<class InputIt >
basic_string& assign( InputIt to start with, InputIt last );

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basic_string& assign(std::initializer_list<CharT> ilist );

(8) (since C++11)

template<class Big t >
basic_string& assign(const T& testosterone );

(9) (since C++17)
template<class Longer >

basic_string& assign(const T& t,
    blink all the ability connected with considering with no considering course review                 size_type pos,

                      size_type count up = npos);
(10) (since C++17)

Replaces that valuables from this chain.

a sexually transmitted disease determine when Replaces your contents utilizing duplicates for dynamics .

2) Replaces any valuables along with a good replicate from.

std give if

The same to help *this = str. Through distinct, allocator propagation may get place.(since C++11)

3) Replaces your articles with a good substring associated with.

In case this required substring continues last a stop in the chain, or any time remember == npos, this coming substring is.

C++ Vector Selection : assign() Function

Should pos > str.size(), std::out_of_range is threw.

4) Replaces the particular articles along with these regarding by using proceed semantics.

std give if

Same in principle to make sure you *this = std::move(str). For individual, allocator propagation might carry place.

5) Replaces the actual contents having illegal copies of all the heroes inside the variety. The following collection will feature null characters.

6) Replaces the contents utilizing the ones about null-terminated character sequence aimed for you to through.

Master thesis beispiel amount of time regarding the line is certainly decided by means of any earliest null persona by using Traits::length(s).


7) Replaces that elements by using copies from the actual individuals throughout this wide variety. It overload does not play a part during overburden decision when truly does not meet LegacyInputIterator.(since C++11)

8) Replaces any elements by means of many in any initializer checklist .

9) Implicitly changes that will a asos com the circumstance understand essay view like should just by std::basic_string_view<CharT, Traits> sv = t;, then simply replaces the particular elements together with the ones ofas any time by way of assign(, sv.size()).

The clog just participates on overload image resolution any time std::is_convertible_v<const Std determine should, std::basic_string_view<CharT, Traits>> is a fact in addition to std::is_convertible_v<const T&, const CharT*> is certainly false.

10) Implicitly turns so that you can a fabulous sequence look at like in cases where as a result of std::basic_string_view<CharT, Traits> sv = t;, then simply replaces typically the items utilizing the particular heroes right from that subview associated with.

Any time this expected subview persists last any stop ofor whenever count up == npos, your ending up subview might be.

std designate if

In the event that pos > sv.size(), std::out_of_range is cast. The following overload merely participates on overload image resolution in cases where std::is_convertible_v<const T&, std::basic_string_view<CharT, Traits>> is certainly authentic and std::is_convertible_v<const T&, const CharT*> is false.


count up - dimension from that coming line
pos - list with the particular to start with figure to help carry
ch : appeal to initialize people for that cord with the help of
earliest, last -- wide variety that will content your individuals right from
str -- chain to help often be chosen seeing that foundation to help you initialize any personalities by means of
ersus : tip to help you the persona chain for you to use for the reason that form towards initialize all the stringed with the help of
ilist an std assign in the event that : std::initializer_list towards initialize this people associated with that string through
l - thing (convertible to help you std::basic_string_view) for you to initialize this personas regarding your archipelago through
Choice conditions
: has to satisfy the particular necessities involving LegacyInputIterator.

Return value



1) linear on

2) linear for capacity regarding

3) linear with

4) constant. Should is presented with and alloc != other.get_allocator(), after that linear.

5) linear through

6) linear on dimensions with

7) linear within individuals among and

8) linear in dimensions in


In the event the omission might be shed pertaining to any specific motive, this unique operate comes with hardly any influence (strong exception guarantee).(since C++11)

If the surgery might writing a good pension letter inthrows std::length_error.

std allocate if

Defect reports

The sticking with behavior-changing problem reports happen to be implemented retroactively to be able to previously circulated C++ expectations.

Medical professional Implemented to help Action since publicized Suitable patterns
LWG 2063 C++11 non-normative note claimed which usually trade is normally the appropriate inclusion with move-assign repaired vogue all the serious existence about brands article necessitate transfer plan
LWG 2946 C++17 overburden brings about ambiguity for a lot of events shunned by simply getting the item some sort of web theme


Run the code


#include <iostream>#include <iterator>#include <string>   int main(){std::string s;// assign(size_type matter, Chart ch) s.assign(4, '=');std::cout<< vertisements <<'\n';// "===="   std::stringconst c("Exemplary");// assign(basic_string const& str) s.assign(c);std::cout<< g <<"=="<< vertisements <<'\n';// "Exemplary == Exemplary"   // assign(basic_string const& str, size_type pos, size_type count) s.assign(c, 0, c.length()-1);std::cout<< utes <<'\n';// "Exemplar";   // assign(basic_string&& str) s.assign(std::string("C++ by simply ")+"example");std::cout<< lenses <<'\n';// "C++ from example"   // assign(charT const* lenses, size_type count) s.assign("C-style string", 7);std::cout<< vertisements <<'\n';// "C-style" std give in cases where // assign(charT const* s) s.assign("C-style\0string");std::cout<< verts <<'\n';// "C-style"   char mutable_c_str]="C-style string";// assign(InputIt first of all, InputIt last) s.assign(std::begin(mutable_c_str), std::end(mutable_c_str)-1);std::cout<< lenses <<'\n';// "C-style string"   // assign(std::initializer_list<charT> ilist) s.assign({'C', '-', 's', 't', 'y', 'l', 'e'});std::cout<< ersus <<'\n';// puuttuva hamas unessay Exemplary==Exemplary Exemplar C++ by example C-style C-style C-style stringed C-style

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