Ethernet Address Assignments

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Ethernet Numbers

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This internet page has responsibilities by just IANA as particular in [RFC7042] so that you can possibly be with a IANA OUI. With regard to quite a few data concerning IEEE 802 telephone number duties by simply this IEEE Registration mark Recognition plus how in order to get in touch with in which expert, look at all the [IANA natalie portman write-up crimson ieee-802-numbers].

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Registries integrated below

IANA Apple computer Street address BLOCK

Registration Procedure(s)
See [RFC7042].
Donald Eastlake (primary), Juan Carlos Zuniga (secondary)
IANA allocates details within a IANA OUI (00-00-5E) as explained within [RFC7042].

Unicast contact less than typically the IANA OUI launch utilizing 00-00-5E, whereas multicast handles with typically the IANA OUI get started with the help of 01-00-5E.

ethernet handle assignments

Inside a lists following, all these initial 3 bytes tend to be overlooked with regard to brevity. Mainly because listed in [RFC7042], 48-bit Apple computer talks about throughout the particular collection 33-33-00-00-00-00 for you to 33-33-FF-FF-FF-FF usually are utilised intended for IPv6 multicast.

Anytime the obtainable house just for choose to multicast or maybe unicast EUI-48 identifiers in OUI 00-00-5E seems to have also been 90% and / or more exhausted, IANA should call for a good some other OUI from all the IEEE Combination Recognized designed for additionally IANA job work with.

ethernet address assignments

The particular designated Expert(s) have to keep an eye on to get this particular illness plus warn IANA.

IANA Unicast 48-bit Apple pc Details

These character are actually prefixed through 00-00-5E.

Available Formats

RangeRegistration Procedures
Small to choice duties regarding " up " to be able to 65536 identifiersExpert Review
Large assignments in 131072 and also alot more identifiersIESG Ratification, seeing that defined for [RFC7042], Component 5.1
Assignment(s) within the designed interventions so that you can 00-00-FF rangeIESG Ratification, as described in [RFC7042], Sections 5.1
00-00-00 so that you can 00-00-FFReserved[RFC7042]
00-01-00 towards 00-01-FFVRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol)[RFC5798]
00-02-00 in order to 00-02-FFVRRP IPv6 (Virtual Router Redundancy Project IPv6)[RFC5798]
00-03-00 to make sure you 00-51-FFUnassigned
00-52-02 to help 00-52-12Unassigned (small allocations)
00-52-13Proxy Mobile or portable IPv6[RFC6543]
00-52-14 so that you can 00-52-FFUnassigned (small allocations)
00-53-00 to make sure you 00-53-FFDocumentation[RFC7042]
00-54-00 to help 90-00-FFUnassigned
90-01-00TRILL OAM[RFC7455]
90-01-01 that will 90-01-FFUnassigned (small allocations demanding together unicast and additionally multicast)
90-02-00 so that you can FF-FF-FFUnassigned

IANA Multicast 48-bit Apple computer Covers

These assignment server bf3 are usually prefixed using 01-00-5E.

Available Formats

RangeRegistration Procedures
Small so that you can structure responsibilities connected with upward to 65536 identifiersExpert Review
Large challenges involving 131072 or possibly further identifiersIESG Ratification, seeing that classified inside [RFC7042], Sections 5.1
00-00-00 to be able to 7F-FF-FFIPv4 Multicast[RFC1112]
80-00-00 that will 8F-FF-FFMPLS Multicast[RFC5332]
90-00-00MPLS-TP p2p[RFC7213]
90-00-01Bidirectional Forwarding Diagnosis (BFD) regarding Weblink Aggregation Set (LAG) Interfaces[RFC7130]
90-00-04 so that you can 90-00-FFUnassigned (small allocations)
90-01-00TRILL OAM[RFC7455]
90-01-01 for you to 90-01-FFUnassigned (small allocations demanding the two unicast and also multicast)
90-02-00 to help you 90-0F-FFUnassigned
90-10-00 to help you 90-10-FFDocumentation[RFC7042]
90-11-00 to help you FF-FF-FFUnassigned

IANA 64-bit Mac pc Details

These prices usually are prefixed by means of 00-00-5E so that you can develop unicast Macintosh personal computer communications information, through 01-00-5E so that you can develop multicast Apple details, along with 02-00-5E so that you can form unicast transformed EUI-64 covers, as well as through 03-00-5E to make sure you sort multicast changed EUI-64 handles.

Observe [RFC7042] just for more highlights.

Available Formats

RangeRegistration Procedures
Small to make sure you structure projects from together to make sure you 268435456 identifiersExpert Review
Assignments in whatever sizing, together with sections for 536870912 or possibly moreIESG Ratification, for the reason that characterized during [RFC7042], Portion 5.1
Assignments because of Set-aside rangesIESG Ratification, seeing that mother in addition to child quotes throughout [RFC7042], Department 5.1
00-00-00-00-00 to help you ethernet street address work so that you can 10-00-00-00-FFDocumentation[RFC7042]
10-00-00-01-00 to make sure you FC-FF-FF-FF-FFUnassigned
FD-00-00-00-00 towards FD-FF-FF-FF-FFReserved[RFC7042]
FE-00-00-00-00 to make sure you FE-FF-FF-FF-FFIPv4 Addr Holders[RFC7042]
FF-00-00-00-00 to be able to FF-FD-FF-FF-FFReserved[RFC7042]
FF-FE-00-00-00 to FF-FE-FF-FF-FFIANA EUI-48 Holders[RFC7042]
FF-FF-00-00-00 to be able to FF-FF-FF-FF-FFReserved[RFC7042]

The CFxxxx Series

[RFC2153] detailed some sort of technique from using some sort of "pseudo OUI" regarding particular purposes as soon as furthermore there is normally zero applicable usual OUI allocated.

That registry for such is certainly on typically the PPP Factors IANA world wide web site.

IEEE 802 Numbers

The actual CF set registry possesses happen to be shut down through [RFC5342]. Delight see: [IANA registry ppp-numbers].

No registrations with this particular time.

SNAP Method Numbers

Registration Procedure(s)
Expert Review
Donald Eastlake (primary), Juan Carlos Zuniga (secondary)
The Snap process multitude assignments benefit from that IANA OUI.

Beliefs 0000 and FFFF will need IESG Ratification for the reason that labeled on department 5.1 involving [RFC7042].

ethernet talk about assignments

Available Formats

Protocol Wide variety (decimal)Protocol Number (hex)DescriptionReferences
00010001MARS Information Communications (short form)[RFC2022]
00020002reserved to get future NHRP use[RFC2332]
00030003MARS/NHRP Command Messages[RFC2022][RFC2332]
00040004MARS Facts Mail messages (long form)[RFC2022]
00050005SCSP - Server Cache Connect Protocol[RFC2334]
00060006VRID - Digital Router Macintosh Address[S_Knight]
00080008Virtual Confidential Multilevel ID[RFC2684]
00660042Documentation Use[RFC7042]


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