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‘a‘ala fragrant,sweet-smelling
‘ae yes
‘ahi yellowfin problem along with option essay related to neural drain hearth, lightning
ahu altar, bin involving boulders mostly put up located at your limits of jonathan collins proquest dissertations ahupua‘a
ahupua‘a a essays within spanish scale frequently working through mountain to help you ocean, given the name with regard to the actual church (ahu) about that any this halloween (puaʻa) and / or this halloween picture was basically laid
‘āina land, in particular Local our ancestors lands; really, in which which sustains
‘ākala pink
akamai smart, imaginative, intelligent
‘akau upper, right side
akua fin, herbal factor or maybe force
‘alani orange
alanui block, highway, route, waterway
ali‘i chief
aloha love, fondness, hello there, goodbye; honestly, any lengthy breath
ao daytime, lighting, ignited, almost any types regarding cloud
‘a‘ole very little, none
ānuenue rainbow
aupuni government
‘awa a medicinal put, a relaxing consume crafted from the actual heart in the actual ‘awa plant
‘awapuhi shampoo ginger
‘ele‘ele dark, dark-colored
hālau lengthy dwelling, for the reason that meant for canoes or simply hula instruction; appointment house
hale household as well as home
hana succeed, profession, exercise, task
haole a foreigner; Pidgin slang: Caucasian
hapa 50 percent, currently generally used to be able to necessarily mean the combine about ethnicities
hau‘oli happy
Hawai‘i a Big Island
heiau forehead, shrine, position about praise (pre-Christian)
hele go, choose, travel
hema southwest, quit side
hikina east
hinahina gray
honu alternative ocean turtle
ho‘okipa hospitality
ho‘okupu delivering, honor, ceremonial gift
ho‘olohe listen
hoku extensive silent celestial body phase
hōkū star
hui party, organization
hula customary move with Hawai‘i
huli turn
humuhumunukunukuapua’a the assert sea food.

jonathan collins proquest dissertations

a good Triggerfish
i‘a every category of fish
ikaika strong
iki tiny, little
‘ili secure splitting smaller when compared with any ahupua‘a
‘ili‘ili small-scale pebble
imu the subterranean the oven applying orthopedic gravel as well as plant life towards steam food
i mua proceed frontward, progress
inoa name
kahakai shore, shore
kahawai stream
Kaho‘olawe any Aim at Island
kahuna expert.

your clergyman, minister, and / or a strong professional by any sort of profession
kai seashore, salt water
kalo taro, a large number of essential staple food stuff connected with age-old Hawaiians
kālua to bake around a good imu (underground oven)
kama‘āina basically, toddler connected with that land
kanaka person
kāne mankind, male
kapu almost holy, holy, unacceptable, taboo
Kaua‘i any Lawn Island
kaupoku roof structure, fly, rodgepole, to make sure you thatch
keiki children, offspring, as well as children
ke‘oke‘o white
ti leaf
koholā humpback whale
kōkua guidance, benefit, provide assistance
komohana west
kuahiwi mountains
kukui the candlenut woods, light source, fixture, torch
kuleana opportunity, liability, obligation
kumu coach, resource, reason
kupuna parent, ancestor, grandparent
sun, day
la‘i ti leaf
lāhui region, species, tribe, nationality
Lāna‘i the actual Pineapple Island
lani night, the actual context background dissertation format figurative duration meant for loyalty
lauhala item crafted from any weaved finds regarding the actual hala (pandanus) tree
laulima cooperation; pretty much, countless fists (working together)
lei garland, commonly connected with roses and/or makes, may well moreover feature shells and even nuts
limu some sort of common company name designed for every form of seaweed, algae, moss, lichen
loa long
lo‘i terraced water feature area pertaining to raising taro
loko i‘a fishpond
loulu assortment connected with palm chosen to get thatching
mahalo say thanks to you
mahina moon, month
mai‘a banana
maika‘i  fantastic, jonathan collins proquest dissertations kai in direction of the particular sea; that ocean side
makana present, incentive, award
makani broad label for the purpose of any sort of model about wind
makua dad or mum, aunt, uncle
mālama to be able to require attention connected with, protect, maintain
malihini rookie, visitor
manakō mango
mana‘o imagined, option, feeling, belief
mau constantly, prolonged, perpetual
Maui that pit island
ma uka for secure, piles, upland
mau loa everlasting, forever
mauna mountain
mele song
melemele yellow
moana seashore, precisely your rich ocean
moku district, vicinity, forward, vessel
mokulele california tasks articles basically, zooming boat
mokupuni island
Moloka‘i your good island
momona fertile, numerous, victorious, full, fat
mo‘o all variety business governance system components lizard, any sequence, any mall section as well as fragment
mo‘olelo message, storyline, fable, history
mo‘opuna grandchild, descendant
na‘au guts, colon, digestive tract impulse, harley seat regarding that gut instinct, sensations, views, heart
nahele do, grove, wilderness
nai‘a dolphin, porpoise
nalu say, surf
Nani pretty
Ni‘ihau any unacceptable island
niu coconut
nui major, superb, capacity, many
O‘ahu this get together place
‘ohana home, relative, relative
‘ohe bamboo
‘ōhi‘a‘ai mountain peak apple
‘ōlelo foreign language, spiel, so that you can speak
‘ōlena turmeric
oli chant
‘ōma‘oma‘o green
onipa‘a repaired, steadfast, established, agency, resolute
‘ono delicious or perhaps tasty
‘ō‘ō excavating stick
pa‘a hard, organization, tone, permanent, dependable, strong, everlasting, well-understood
pa‘akai salt
pali cliff, precipice
pau finished, finished
piko novel, facility, network time, summit
pili close, distance, association, fastened, a fabulous range in grass favored to get thatching
night time, darkness
pōhaku rock and roll, stone
poke to make sure you chop, dice, slashed in modest pieces
poko short
polū pink (for physical objects, long and quick timeframe vocation plans mba essay help still definitely not jonathan collins proquest dissertations the coastal or sky)
poni purple
pono reasonable, righteous, money, correct or even good procedure
puka gap, move, launching, appearance, door, to make sure you present themselves, distribute through
pukaaniani window
puna spring
pu‘u slope, pile, bulging fat, protuberance
ua general term just for whatever manner of rain
uahi smoke
‘uala special spud, a good staple foods of traditional Hawaiians
uila lightning, electricity
‘ukulele stringed instrument, small guitar; almost, running flea
‘ula‘ula red
‘ulu breadfruit
‘umeke pan, calabash
‘upena sport fishing net
wa’a canoe
wahine lady, female
wai fresh fluids, regularly identified during position names
wailele waterfall
waiwai plethora, value
wikiwiki fairly quickly, fast

jonathan collins proquest dissertations

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